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Cheers lovelies!

 Be blessed! Stay flawless and fancy.....................always!!!!!

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New Blog

Since the blog on this website offers very limited features, I have decided that I will no longer be updating here.

For a full blogging experience, check out my Flawless and Fancy blog on E-Blogger by clicking the orange icon at the top of the page.

Thank you for your support.


Marie :)


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March 2012: Product Of The Month - Moisture Effective Eye Make-Up Remover by Avon

This eye makeup remover is awesome! The consistency is semi-thick and creamy. A little goes a very long way to removing the most stubborn of eye makeup, like waterproof mascara and silicone and emollient based products. It can also be used on the entire face as well. Fragrance-free  it is for those of you who prefer that. Best of all is the price.........$4.00 for the 2oz bottle - this is the only size available!

Sometimes Avon will have a sale and you can get this item for $0.99 each like I did! Follow the link below to get your WOW deal on this item now:




On a budget and looking for a great eyemakeup remover? Try this one! It's my favorite!

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Keeping Your Make-Up Fresh Looking For Hours

1. Do use a face primer. Face primers add minimal moisture whilst acting as a 'second skin'. Since the primer is applied to the skin first, this gives the makeup something '' to hold on to. This is especially great news for persons who are allergic to foundation.

2. Use a water based foundation. These come in liquids, as well as creams.

3. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water.

4. If you must use a moisturizer, make sure that it is one that is a light formula, and only apply it to the areas of the face that need it.

5. Use an eye primer and top with powder before applying eyeshadow.
Make-Up Kit

6. Blot your lips with tissue. This will keep your lip color evenly placed on your lips, whether it is starting to fade or not.

7. If using long-wearing lip colors, you may want to refer to tip #6 after eating especially if the food contains oil. Oily foods will cause these colors to transfer since it is oil that removes them from the skin.

8. Apply the same shade of lip pencil as  your lip color. This will give it 'staying power'. Even though the lip color transfers, the pencil tends to stay on for the long haul, so your lips will have some color well into the thick of the festivites!

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Big Rich Texas

Currently working on the set of Big Rich Texas. A reality show about rich socialites in the city of Dallas. Show to be aired this coming July on the Style Network. Look out for it!



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Official Flawless And Fancy website is now live online!

Welcome to the official Flawless And Fancy website. Where Makeup is art!

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